Factory Reset

The T1G can be restored to factory defaults with the button located to the right of the ethernet port.

A factory reset WILL:

  • Delete all user configuration settings

  • Delete all GNSS logs stored on the device

  • Delete/regenerate the device’s SSH host keys

A factory reset WILL NOT:

  • Return to original factory software

  • Delete the device’s certificate for the Verizon HPL service

  • Delete the device’s password

Performing a Factory Reset

The factory reset procedure must be performed immediately when powering up the device. The reset button is flush with the surface of the T1G, so it may be easier to push with a pen or small tool.

  1. Remove power from the T1G

  2. Apply power to the T1G

  3. While the POWER LED is solid green, before it begins flashing (within approximately 5 seconds), press and hold the factory reset button

  4. Watch for the STATUS LED to begin flashing red (POWER LED will also be flashing green). Continue holding the factory reset button for 5 more seconds until the STATUS LED changes to solid GREEN.

  5. Release the factory reset button

  6. The T1G has now been reset. It will continue the boot process normally.