The T1G incorporates several different options for powering the device:

  • DC Barrel Jack - Connect the T1G to a 12VDC power adapter (included)

  • USB-C - Connect the T1G to a powered USB 3.0+ port using a USB A-C cable (included)

  • PoE - Connect the T1G to a compliant PoE (power-over-ethernet) injector using a standard CAT-5+ network cable.

T1G power options

T1G power options


During normal operation, the T1G consumes 1.5 - 3 watts.


When powered by USB at 5V, the T1G requires 300-600mA. Older USB 1.0 and many USB 2.0 ports are limited to 500mA and may cause sporadic failures and reboots. A USB 3.0 or higher port is recommended for reliability.