The T1G includes a Bluetooth 5 LE-only radio. When enabled, the T1G exposes the Location and Navigation Service published by the Bluetooth SIG. Most modern smartphones are capable of attaching to the T1G to retrieve the location information, but a compatible app is necessary to interpret the data stream.

Enabling Bluetooth

Bluetooth is enabled by default. To disable the functionality or to re-enable it later:

  1. Navigate a browser to the T1G web UI (see Connectivity and Network Services).

  2. Select the to the ‘Config->Features’ option in the navigation bar.

  3. Check or uncheck the ‘Bluetooth’ box in the ‘Features’ section. The change takes effect immediately.

Connecting to Bluetooth

The T1G advertises with the name ‘T1G’, and can be discovered with a Bluetooth app such as ‘NRF Connect’ from Nordic Semiconductor. Once connected, you can open the Location and Navigation service and begin streaming location data from the T1G. The Location and Navigation Service uses binary encoding for the data, so you will need a compatible application to interpret the location data stream and present it as geolocations.